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  Extra insulation, smart window placement, and thermal mass add comfort and generate energy savings for this New England home


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Articles written about this home and the techniques used in the construction process are provided by Bruce Torrey, Consultant for Building Diagnostics, A High Performance Home Resource.

Bruce Torrey is a Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer and building consultant with the Massachusetts based company, Building Diagnostics. He provides technical support, training and design services to builders, architects and insulation contractors. His expertise and commitment to advancing building technologies is well known through his numerous national and local presentations and frequent contributions to trade publications.

To compliment the benefits of a high performance home, Building Diagnostics also provides resources for anyone pursuing help with “green” building technologies.

Hands on experience helps sort out and prioritize the benefits of using recycled materials, resource friendly technologies, as well as renewable energy systems. From recycled cotton insulation to solar systems to healthy home product specifications, Building Diagnostics provides the resources of both technology and technique.

The web site for Mr. Torrey is

Supporting articles and imaging will be available on this web site during the construction phase.


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